Our Motorhomes, Past & Present!

Burstner Argos 747

This was our very first Motorhome.  We moved straight out of our house into this Burstner 747 on 10th September 2010!  It looked lovely on the outside, but is was so draughty inside because of the overcab bed.  The heat seemed to go up there, freeze, then pour down over our shoulders.  Also, because the cab was closed off at night, the front end wasn’t heated, so we got more draughts from there.  And last, but definitely not least, the settee reclined and when we reclined it, guess what we got?  You got it, more draughts from the storage locker underneath!

We also were not keen on the dinette in a van (though we realise lots of people love them).

This is a video my daughter Louise made of the van just after we had moved in.

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